About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

This leading global company sets new industry benchmarks with its extensive offerings including Engineering Components, U Bolts, Leaf Springs, Conveyor Belts, Die Casting, Fire Hose, and a comprehensive range of Springs

Building Staffs

Organized with the skilled personnel and components to succeed, including engineering components, robust heavy-duty U bolts, trailer leaf springs, conveyor belts, and more.

History Emphasis

Discover a wide range of essential engineering components: * U Bolts: Versatile fasteners used in various applications * Leaf Springs: Vital for suspension systems in vehicles * Conveyor Belt: Transports materials in a continuous loop and Etc.

Economic Outcomes

Effective government policies, market competition, and international factors contribute to the thriving economy, industry expansion, and equitable distribution of wealth within the Engineering Components sector




Clients & Counting


Successfully Project


Year of experience

The Team

Our Experts

Rishab Sukhwal

Lead Designer (IN)

Jenny Smith

Lead Designer (IE)

George Doe

Head Engineer (IE)

Rohit Panchal

Head Engineer (IN)


Committed To Keep Quality of Products

We Follow Best Practices

Exemplifying excellence through meticulous adherence to industry-leading best practices for optimal outcomes.

Trust and Worth

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